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Offering the same performance as gate, globe and ball valves, CVB VALVES Triple Offset Valves occupy far less space therefore they weigh less and cost less.
Due to their design, zero friction and zero leakage occurs leading to a lower torque in comparison to other valves.
Low torques result in an even lower cost of automation.
The design relies only on metal and graphite components therefore inherently fire safe.
Although CVB VALVES SRL is a young company, it was born from a family company of the CVB’s owner with 40 years of experience.

Manufacturing Plant

CVB VALVES SRL manufacturing plant is devoted to the production of all kind of valves CVB VALVES SRL has developed a loyal sub-suppliers network to have possibility to keep under control all the manufacturing steps through a continuous monitoring and inspecting process.
All the valves, either manufactured inside or outside, are tested at 100% in CVB VALVES SRL plant.

Design Criteria

Material and Design criteria are strictly in accordance with pressure vessel codes.
CVB VALVES SRL is a small company that can follow all the special requirements of customers and it can produce valves according to the necessity of end user.

Applicable Standards

  • Design: According to ASME SEC.VIII and IX – ASME SEC.III ANSI B 16.34 – ANSI B31.1, B31.3
  • Face to Face: According to API 609, BS 5155, ISO 5752 for double fanged type
  • Body flange drilling: According to ANSI B 16.5 for cl. 150 up to 900
    According to MSS SP 44 for cl. 150 and 300
    According to BS 3293 for cl. 150 and 300
    UNI-DIN-ISO for cl. PN6 up to PN 160
  • Inspection and testing: According to API 598 (soft seated)
    According to API 6 D (metal seated)
    According to ANSI B 16 104 cl. VI leakage
    According to MSS – SP 61v
Some about CVB VALVES