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Butterfly Triple Offset Valves

QTV series


Thanks to their unique combination of control, reliability and compactness, CVB QTV Series valves is worldwide Customers preferred choice, the right solution to be specified in their applications.
TOV features and design makes them fit for purpose in tight shut-off, critical high pressure, high temperature or cryogenic, throttling and isolation duties.

Core Features

  • Triple eccentric design
  • Full metal construction
  • Wide range of materials and sizes
  • Resilient metal-to-metal seal
  • Available with replaceable seat
  • Zero leakage bi-directional tight shut-off
  • Integral external position indicator on valve shaft and body
  • Fire-safe and fire-tested
  • External anti-blowout device
  • Quarter turn friction-free operation
  • Ready for control duties

Benefits of QTV Series

Unique Triple Eccentric metal seat design to:

  • Prevent wear
  • Guarantee zero leackage
  • Guarantee longer service life
  • Allow for low operating torques
  • Achieve tight seal from bi-directional pressure
  • Resist to corrosion and erosion

One piece conical and inclined seat integrated body to guarantee:

  • Ultimate rigidity
  • Leak free performances
  • Continuous flange sealing surface

One piece shaft and disc arrangement to:

  • Guarantee minimal hysteresis
  • Reduce pressure drop
  • Improve flow capacity

Special bushing to:

  • Offer immunity to any dirt
  • Guarantee service with polymeric media
  • Guarantee a longer life service

Adjustable stuffing box to

  • Allow flushing
  • Provide additional sealing
  • Allow leakage control
  • Guarantee monitoring

Product Specifications

Production Range

ND 2” – 120” ANSI CI.150
larger size upon request
ND 2” – 120” ANSI CI.300
larger size upon request
ND 3” – 60” ANSI CI.600
larger size upon request
ND 6” – 32” ANSI CI.900
larger size upon request
ND 6” – 32” ANSI Cl. 1500 body
some sizes with reduce class trim
ND 6” – 16” ANSI CI.2500 body
some sizes with reduce class trim

Pressure Limit

From full vacuum up to 450 bar (2200 psi)

Temperature Limits

From -196°C (-320°F) up to +818°C (+1600°F)

Applicable Standards

Design: ANSI B16.34/ ASME VIII/ API 609
Face to face: API 609 / ISO 5752 short
Flange: B16.5/ B16.47/ASME VIII/ DIN/ ISO
Testing: API 598
Fugitive emission: ISO 150484-1
Fire test: BS 6755–API607-ISO FDIS 10497 NORSOK

Body Style

Double Flanged – short and long pattern
For FtF dimensions, please refer to relevant technical brochure


Carbon Steel
Stainless Steel
Alloy Steel
Duplex - SuperDuplex
Aluminium bronze
Austenitic Steel


ANSI CI.150 – 300 – 600 – 900 – 1500 – 2500
NP 6 – 10 – 16 – 25 - 40 – 64 - 100 - 150 - 250